When it comes to finding the right steel for a given application, it can be difficult to choose between the many varieties available. Here at Parkside Steel, we have made it our mission to provide an expert service to our customers, constantly developing our product range to offer only the best in the industry.

One of the most popular forms of steel is bright steel, known for its accurate finish. Bright steel in its most basic form is black steel that has gone through further processing. It was created specifically for engineers who needed more from their metal, such as more precise dimensions, shapes and a superior surface finish.

Here at Parkside Steel, we have developed a wide range of bright steel options for our customers to choose from, enabling us to cater for almost any set of requirements. Our range of quality bright carbon steel encompasses flats, hexagonals, rounds and squares. While the creation of this form of steel is not easy, it is thanks to our experience in the field that we have been able to develop our manufacturing techniques to satisfy all demands.

A step-by-step guide to creating a bright steel bar

  • The process of creating bright steel bars has been described by many as an 'art form'. It is first necessary to take the feedstock, either in bars or coils, removing any surface scale or rust that many have accumulated in the initial hot rolled product. Any scale or rust present will have a negative effect on the operation if allowed to stay.
  • Prior to the bar being forced through the die, the end is pointed in order to make entrance easier. This is accomplished through either hot swaging or cold rolling.
  • The bar is then forced through the die using hydraulically powered grips and other ancillary equipment. Once the bar is released, the bar is then gripped in 'bogie jaws', which helps to elongate the bar without removing metal.
  • The bar is then customised to the ordered size, ensuring that the exact shape and section that the customer wants is provided.

Whatever your requirements in bright steel or any of the other shape, material or size options that we offer, contact a member of the Parkside Steel team to find out how we can help.