EN8 steel is one of the key material options that we stock here at Parkside Steel, taking pride of place in our range of black carbon and alloy steel rounds as well as our bright carbon and alloy rounds. This unalloyed medium carbon steel grade has decent tensile strength, which has lent itself to such general engineering applications as studs, bolts, shafts, screws, rollers and connecting rods.

The best applications of EN8 steel tend to be those for which superior qualities to mild steel are required, but where the additional expense of alloy steel cannot be justified. The chemical composition of this steel - also known as 080M40 or 080A42 - includes carbon, silicon, manganese, sulphur and phosphorus.

Choose Parkside Steel for 080M40 EN8 steel rounds, and you can take advantage of any of a vast range of diameters - from 1/4” to 300mm. These rounds are produced by processing facilities on a par with those to be found anywhere else in the United Kingdom, with pieces able to be cut to size by us efficiently, accurately and cost-effectively, whether in single pieces or batches running into the thousands.

We don't only specialise in EN8 steel, of course, also being known for our comprehensive ranges of flats, rounds, squares and other shaped pieces in the likes of bright carbon steel, cast iron, ground steel, key steel, silver steel, tool steel and mild steel. In the category of mild steel alone, such offerings as cold reduced sheets, strip mill plates, tee sections, angle equals and tapered channels are all available from us.

However, it is our black carbon and alloy steel rounds that have proved especially popular among certain customers of ours, who tend to return to us time and time again, in the knowledge that we prize only the very highest levels of precision and quality. It's worth remembering that we are proudly certified by the British Standards Institution (BSI), which affirms that we only use reputable mills and ensure that all of our material is traceable.

There are many reasons why we are such a popular and trusted source of EN8 steel here at Parkside Steel, and whatever your own reasons may be for contacting us, you can expect nothing less than a highly responsive and professional service, coupled to the most impressive product range that you are ever likely to find under one roof.