Parkside Steel is one of the most trusted steel suppliers in the United Kingdom. We’ve developed a strong knowledge of the industry since we began trading in 1978. More than thirty-five years later, we remain committed to providing reliable products across the whole country. Among them, you will find a selection of sizes for silver steel rounds.

Silver steel is commonly referred to as tool steel in the United Kingdom, and – unlike other steels which are provided in various shapes and configurations – it is always supplied in round bars, sometimes known as tool blanks.

Despite the name, silver steel doesn’t contain any silver in its composition – the name simply refers to the highly polished appearance of the rounds themselves. Silver steel is actually made up of carbon, chromium, manganese, silicon, phosphorus, and sulphur – and its properties allow it to be utilized in a wide selection of ways.

A significant resistance to wear

The high carbon content of these rounds ensures excellent hardenability and provides the silver steel with a significant resistance to wear. Its high chromium content enhances that strength and hardness, and the round will be given annealing treatment during production to allow for superior machinability.

This means that silver steel is highly valued by numerous professionals within the building, engineering, and industrial sectors. A large amount of industrial equipment is made from it, such as machinery which needs to be hard-wearing. It is also used for transportation equipment -often in cars, bicycles, and underground systems. Craftsman value it for use in screwdrivers, engraving machinery, and files. It is even found in the home, for cutlery and cookware. Simply put, silver steel is one of the most commonly utilized metals.

If you need a steel supplier able to deliver a vast range of silver steel round sizes, then Parkside Steel can accommodate. We stock sixty different diameter sizes, moving from just 2mm (1/16 of an inch) right up to 50mm (2 inches). Each one is guaranteed to be of the highest quality; we’re a steel supplier which is fully certified by the British Standards Institution (BSI), and we only use reputable mills which offer traceability on all materials.