We are pleased to announce the launch of our new Website!  It may seem an obvious thing to announce given that you are here and reading this, but nonetheless here at Parkside we are proud of being able to showcase more of what we can do for our customers so you can see what a difference we as a supplier can be to you.

The backbone of the website is our much improved Products section.  Within here you can find just about everything we carry, in every shape, size and grade (the sheer scale of what we have available even took us back a little once we started to list it down too!).

As well as the enhanced products section, there is now a wealth of information available within a few clicks, from downloading account forms and stock lists to finding directions on where to find us.

We hope you like the clean, fresh look of the new website as much as we do.  We are grateful to our colleagues over at the Web Development department of our sister company Prolog for their efforts and assistance in its creation.  Over the next few months we hope to add more useful content into the site, so please stay tuned as we continue to develop it.