Accuracy isn’t a need, it’s a must

With our team of skilled and experienced cutting staff working on a range of saws to suit all your needs we can offer both an odd cut piece and multi cutting jobs in competitive lead times. 


Parkside Steel is constantly looking for ways to improve our service to customers. This has led to the instalment of a TSUNE saw. With the ability to cut our lead times significantly this will allow you to have what you need faster! Some of the many positives are listed below

  • Full automated for increased accuracy and speed
  • Automatic bar feeder allows for minimal delay in cutting
  • Ideal for large quantity cutting orders, cutting almost 8 times faster than a band saw
  • Cutting finish that needs almost no machining

To find out what a difference the TSUNEs cutting capabilities can make to your requirements contact one of our dedicated sales teams today

Band Saws

With 7 band saws manned 24 hours a day we can offer competitive lead times on all your cutting needs. Our saws allow us to cut 10mm DIA all the way up to 400mm DIA. Whether it be one piece or multiple pieces Parkside Steel can help. Contact one of our dedicated sales teams today and see if we can help ‘cut’ the hassle out of your next job.